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Just as any living organism, soil needs nutrients to stay healthy. We specialize in nitrogen and sulphur delivery to the soil, and our liquid fertilizers are amongst the most competitive in the market.  Our flagship products in this segment are ammonium sulphate and SAM 19+5S, both liquid ammonia-based fertilizers with sulphur content.

SAM 19N + 5S is a liquid nitrogen fertilizer.

Usable for: oilseeds, cereals, legumes, sugar beets, soybeans, hops, fodder beets, legumes, and vegetables.

  • Eliminates the deficit of nitrogen and sulphur in the soil during fundamental seedbed fertilization.
  • Preferable use for strawlike crop residues.
  • Contributes to improved biological activity of soil.
  • Allows fertilizing during the growing season.


Ammonium Sulphate Solution

A liquid nitrogen fertilizer with a significant sulphur content, suitable for enriching the soil. Presence of sulphur increases the nitrogen utilization in plants, improving product quality and increasing overall crop yield. Applicable as a spray fertilizer or soil dressing and can be combined with other agricultural products. Suitable in particular for neutral and alkaline soils. Fertilizer of choice for basic fertilization, fertilization during the vegetation period and for acceleration of the decomposition of straw. Can be combined with herbicides and insecticides.


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