Draslovka values are the foundation of our corporate culture

Draslovka values are the foundation of our corporate culture

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Draslovka's values are the foundation of our corporate culture. These values reflect our shared beliefs and the expected conduct of all our employees. Embedded in our commitments and policies, Draslovka's values are naturally integrated into the entire organization, fostering a positive internal environment, shaping external perceptions, enhancing customer satisfaction, and driving the business achievements of Draslovka.

“Draslovka’s approach towards governance and compliance brings Draslovka values into day-to-day life. Our policies are built on the highest ethical and professional standards and, importantly, clearly define roles and responsibilities and accountability to deliver on them.”

Pavel Brůžek, CEO



ESG Committee

Since the end of 2023, the Board of Directors of Draslovka a.s. has been supported by the ESG Committee, comprising five members with diverse expertise in sustainability from across all levels of company leadership.

Mr. Petr Pudil, serving as the Committee's chairman, brings specialized knowledge in sustainable investments, particularly focusing on environmentally friendly solutions within chemical specialities, agriculture, and international biotechnology and agrotechnology startups. Additionally, Mr. Pudil actively supports art and education initiatives. Independent Committee Members, Ms. Kathy Sipos and Mr. Radek Špicar, contribute substantial expertise from the business and regulatory sectors, enriching the Committee's range of experience and facilitating international outreach. Mr. Pavel Brůžek and Mr. James Stockbridge, bring valuable insights in operating complex chemical assets.
The ESG Committee is responsible for developing and updating Draslovka's ESG strategy, defining
sustainability initiatives, KPIs, and targets, preparing sustainability reports, and proposing measures to address the environmental and social impacts of Draslovka's activities, as well as governance practices. The ESG Committee reports its findings to the Board at least semi-annually.

Business Conduct and Ethics

Code of Conduct
Group Whistleblowing Guideline
Mining Solutions Supplier Code of Conduct

Position Statements

EHSS Commitment

Draslovka Personal Data Protection Commitment



Group Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy

Group Anti-Money Laundering and CTF Policy

Group Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Non-Discrimination and Harassment Policy

Group ESG Policy


Ethics Hotline

To support transparency and ethics, Draslovka has in place the Ethics Hotline, where any suspected misconduct can be reported. The Ethics Hotline is available 24/7 and is designed, in line with the requirements of the EU Whistleblower Protection Directive, to ensure the anonymity of all whistleblowers (employees, customers, business partners, third parties or public) and to protect them from sanctions, discrimination, and other retaliation. The queries can also be submitted through other channels described in our Code of Conduct.

Ethics Hotline

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