MetOptima<br><b>AI-powered processing plant optimization</b>

AI-powered processing plant optimization

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For gold mines looking to improve throughput, recovery and cost efficiency, Draslovka’s MetOptima is the answer.

Draslovka's MetOptima is an always-on AI metallurgist that helps plant operators achieve:

  •    Improved throughput
  •    Increased recovery
  •    Reduced operational costs

MetOptima leverages AI and machine learning
to determine your optimal setpoints across the entire circuit
from grinding to flotation & leaching - allowing you to optimize your plant every 4 hours.

Increases throughput by 3-5%

Improves recovery
by 1-3%


Better tracking & efficiency

Easily deployed:

MetOptima integrates into existing core control systems (e.g. PLC/DCS, SCADA and APCs), sensors and data sources, with a minimal system footprint.

Intuitive interface:

The web interface was built with operators and metallurgists in mind.

Secure & protected:

Highly available and secure cloud-based infrastructure. Security features include role-based access, separation of environments, cloud infrastructure security, encrypted data in transit (HTTPS/SSL), and more.

Aggregated activity log:

A repository of which changes were made along with the respective rationale acts as an educational tool to help operator performance. 

MetOptima is a cloud-based system that provides AI-based
recommendations to metallurgists and operators. It provides a holistic,
system-level optimization, sitting above traditional controls and enablers.

MetOptima is a cloud-based system that provides AI-based <br>
recommendations to metallurgists and operators. It provides a holistic, <br>
system-level optimization, sitting above traditional controls and enablers.



It leverages aggregated plant and sensor data through the client adapter and applies our suite of advanced analytical and predictive models to the data to generate recommendations every 4 hours, which the shift operator either accepts or rejects via a user-friendly web app.

Our engineering support team continuously monitors platform uptime, adoption metrics, data quality and assists with incident resolution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a replacement for my Advanced Process Control system??

No, MetOptima is complimentary to any existing advanced process control (APC) system. It will determine the optimised setpoint at the interfaces between process units, such as between milling and flotation, flotation, and leaching, etc. To ensure the process overall operates at its optimum.

How do I know the system is providing benefits once implemented??

MetOptima has a dashboard that displays near real-time the actual economic performance of the process and how it compares to its historical performance. This gives the metallurgist and other plant personnel a timeous view of the process performance and uplift.

Does it take over responsibilities from my operators and/or metallurgists??

No, the operators and metallurgists stay in full control of the process. MetOptima only produces recommendations for setpoints that the operator can choose to implement or not.

Does the plant need to be stable to use this tool??

No. In fact, in addition to optimising the process, MetOptima will calculate setpoints for the process that will ensure that the process will operate at a viable steady state, therefore, assisting in stabilising and keeping the process stable.

Does this need any additional IT infrastructure to work and be maintained?

MetOptima is designed to be a cloud-based solution that will require minimal additional IT infrastructure. It just needs a computer to run the fetcher component, which is responsible for assessing the data from the PLC/DCS and SCADA systems and upload it to the cloud. If the control network is not currently connected to the internet, a firewall internet connection will be required to push the data to the cloud.

How much does this cost?

MetOptima adopts a benefit sharing model where a percentage of the benefit that it provides form the basis for its costing.

How private is my data when uploaded to your servers?

The data stored in MetOptima is still fully owned by the customer and all the necessary security measures are built into the MetOptima cloud infrastructure to ensure roll-based access only. Therefore, only authorised personnel from the customer and duly authorised personnel from Draslovka will have access to the client data. This data cannot be share with any third party without written consent by the client. The data will also not be sold to any other third party.

Does this system only work for specific flowsheets?

MetOptima is designed to be fully customisable to ensure it works for your plant's specific flowsheet and needs. The models are bespoke designed and trained on your plant's data to ensure it represents you plant accurately and provide the best performance for your plant.

Optimize your processing plant with MetOptima. Request a meeting with our experts.

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