Reliable and safe support for the biggest mining operations worldwide

Reliable and safe support for the biggest mining operations worldwide

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A lack of reliable sodium cyanide supply, updated employee safety protocols, and efficient operational procedures leads to production downtime. Lost productivity can create the potential for bottom line losses and increased safety risks. A best-in-class sodium cyanide supplier can help maintain consistent production by filling operational gaps—including training for safe handling procedures—in addition to providing the necessary reagent.

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The Glycine Leaching Technology

Draslovka's proprietary Glycine Leaching Technology is the most environmentally sustainable and cost-effective way to produce precious metals and critical minerals yet. It utilizes Glycine, a non-toxic amino acid often used as a food additive or nutritional supplement in humans and animals.

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The Glycine Leaching Technology

The Element of Experience

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Investing in the industry’s most pressing challenges

200 years of multidisciplinary experience
available to our customers

Worry-free cyanide experience for mines and stakeholders

Continuous optimization of new and existing operations

More value per ton of NaCN

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Meeting Operational Challenges Through Education and Superior Supply Capabilities

Meeting Operational Challenges Through Education and Superior Supply Capabilities

The on-demand ability to replenish sodium cyanide inventory helps businesses maintain uninterrupted operations. Consistent access to this essential reagent ensures: The continuity of gold and silver operations, less downtime and lost production, steady yields and efficient use of time and labor.

Mines often experience personnel turnover. But regulations change, requiring new protocols that address employee safety and ensure compliance to avoid lost productivity and fines. Partnering with an expert that's well-versed in sodium cyanide best practices facilitates the communication of critical, updated information.

A Forward-Looking Partner Driving Future Value

Our core values of putting safety first and always doing the right thing already speak to future innovations. Whether it means packaging that automates sodium cyanide handling or providing the most comprehensive employee training and certifications, future mining solutions will be worth more than their weight in gold.

The company uses sustainable packaging and offers on-site unloading services to reduce handling time. Draslovka is committed to sodium cyanide safety, recognizing the critical importance of handling protocols to protect employees. This leadership will continue, as a rapidly evolving world presents new challenges, such as: a constantly changing workforce, new safety regulations and higher expectations for productivity

A Forward-Looking Partner Driving Future Value
Sodium Cyanide

Sodium Cyanide

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