CCC – Chlormequat chloride

CCC – Chlormequat chloride

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Draslovka is one of the biggest Chlormequat producers in Europe. Chlormequat, also known as ChlorCholineChloride (CCC), serves as a major agricultural growth regulator in a number of countries. It promotes sturdier growth, by inhibiting cell elongation, and reduces the risk of lodging, resulting in increased yield per hectare, especially for cereal crops and rapeseed. 

CCC is a spray and topping mixture in the form of a liquid concentrate, dilutable in water, for controlling the growth and development of:

  • cereals
  • rapeseed
  • seminal stands of red fescue and golden oatgrass
  • ornamental plantations

CCC positively affects  physiological processes in the plant metabolism and significantly contributes to a better utilization of nutrients, increases yields and improves overall quality of plants. Here are some more of the many benefits CCC can offer:

  • Increased winter hardiness.
  • Strengthened root system.
  • Positive affects on growth of above ground biomass.


  • Thickening of growth stands and stalks.
  • Reduction of vegetation lodging.
  • Facilitation of harvesting.
  • Enhanced vitality and general health of vegetation.
  • Reduction in the incidence of fungal diseases.
  • Increased ease in maintaining lawns.
  • Regulation of growth and formation of ornamental plants.



For a successful cultivation of rapeseed, one would do well to use Retacel extra R68, the application of which increases frost resistence of the stand, creates good preparatory conditions for the yield and affords protection from fungual diseases.

This product, likewise, enhances development and strengthening of the root system, forming a greater number of axillary buds and offering overall improved control over the aboveground mass. Retacel also causes a reduction of water content in plant mesh, and greater tolerance to low temperatures, in the plant, come as a result. 


Retacel extra R68 is also a common growth regulator in grain crops.  The use of this product will do much to increase the crop’s survival probability over the winter months, by thickening of the growth area and an increased resistence against lodging.

Retacel extra R68 is exceptional in promoting growth processes and in bolstering stability of the stem, its use resulting in a shortening thereof, thus strengthening both its base and thickening its wall. As a result, resistance to lodging increases substantially. The use of Retacel extra R68 makes harvesting easier, with higher yields and improved quality.

Grass Seeding

Application of Retacel extra R68 has a considerable impact on the cultivation of grasslands. It is, mainly, used to prevent lodging of red fescue and golden oat grass. The treated vegetation features a deeper, darker color, upright growth and distinctly shorter stalks.

Ornamental Plants

Growth regulator Retacel extra R68 is a great benefit to growers of ornamental plants, and its use in decorative gardening is expanding. The product can be used to control the growth of potted plants, summer flowers grown for planting on beds or for speeding growth in potted specimens and ornamental trees destined for containers.

Plants thus treated are more visually appealing and compact. Retacel extra R68 regulates plant height and improves its shape, thickening the shaft of flower buds and reducing the penetration of young shoots on flowering plants. Plants destined for cutting end up with stronger and more flexible stems.

Treated plants have rich, green-colored leaves, shorter internodes and denser foliage, shorter main and side shoots and a greater abundance of flowers. In winter time, with limited access to light, the treated plants remain compact, keeping natural appearance and quality intact.

Effective substance

chlormequat – chloride  (2-chlorethyl-trimethyl-amonium chlorid)

Available concentrations:

64 % - 720 g/l

66 % - 750 g/l

68 % - 780 g/l

Available packaging units:

5 L cans

10 L cans

20 L cans


Large-volume storage tanks




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