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Resins can be of either natural or synthetic origin, with quite differing properties. Draslovka works, mainly, with polymer-based resins used in niche markets, such as restoration, and with components for special colours, coatings, and glues. Even though production of resins has a very long tradition at Draslovka, it represents rather a small part of the company’s production portfolio today.

Recommended Applications

Wood restoration and preservation.
Manufacture of paints and glues.
Production of coatings.


Solakryl BMX: Co-polymer of butyl-metacrylate with methylmetacrylate dissolved in xylene; nonvolatile content: 36-40%.
Solakryl BX: Co-polymer of polybutyl-metacrylate dissolved in xylene; nonvolatile content: 52-56%.
Solakryl BT55: Co-polymer of butyl-metacrylate dissolved in toluene; nonvolatile content: 52-56%.
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