Experts and innovators in chemistry

Experts and innovators in chemistry

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About Draslovka

In its early days, the focus of the company lay in the R&D and production of hydrogen cyanide, but an extensive line of next-generation CN-based products and services has since emerged. Today, Draslovka stands on the three business pillars of Agricultural solutions, Mining solutions, and Specialty chemicals. 

Worldwide presence

With business units in 7 territories and sales teams in more than 80 countries, we are providing our clients with the largest and most robust network of expert support.


Reimagining the CN family of chemicals

For more than 100 years in Draslovka, the art of  CN chemistry has been passed on from generation to generation.  Today, Draslovka is recognized as a global leader in the R&D and production of CN-based chemicals. The chemicals Draslovka produce are used in wide range of sectors, including agriculture, mining, automotive and  pharmaceuticals. Our products are also essential in the production of many items we use in our daily lives such as smartphones or vitamins.

We believe that the only right way forward is to develop products and practices that leave our planet better than it was yesterday. That is why we are committed to safely and efficiently producing the highest quality products. We never stop reinventing them. All this, however, would not be possible without the right team. We support  every person in our organization to help them realize their full potential and lead our company forward to ensure the next 100 years of our history.

Our history

pohyb posunem do strany

Foundation of Draslovka by the Deutsche Gold und Silberscheide-anstalt



Original factory destroyed in an air raid during World War II but production was fully resumed by 1947


Company taken over by the state under the name of Lučební závody


Pilot plant for the production of synthetic hydrogen build


Production of hydrogen cyanide using the Andrussow process commenced


Acquisition of the EDN business from the Linde Group


bdp partners acquires stake through Draslovka Holding a.s.


LZD a.s. Kolín acquired by Bruzek family from private investors


Lučební závody Draslovka a.s. Kolín (LZD a.s. Kolín) began to operate as a private company.

100+ years of


Establishment of Draslovka Services Group with HQ in Melbourne focusing on trial support, product development on a global scale


Employment of the ozone - friendly EDN® continues to increase as a fumigant is approved in Australia - first country globally to do so


Draslovka acquires Sasol’s sodium cyanide business, as a first major investment into the African continent


Acquisition of Chemours Mining Solutions Business that operates the largest solid sodium cyanide plant in the world in Memphis,


Our People

Pavel Brůžek Jr.
Pavel Brůžek Jr.

Pavel Brůžek Jr. has a background in chemical engineering and business administration, and has been involved with Draslovka since high school. He moved through all relevant positions: production, R&D, sales, investments, strategic development department and then in 2009 he became Technical Director. Now CEO of Draslovka Holding, he is leading the ongoing global expansion.

Pavel Brůžek Sr.
Chairman of Supervisory board
Pavel Brůžek Sr.

Pavel Brůžek Sr. has a background in chemical engineering and economics. In addition to this, he has more than 45 years of experience in managing engineering and chemical companies. Pavel Sr. started his career in production, then advanced through R&D, technical department and executive management. After the revolution and fall of the communist regime, he became a deputy minister and was responsible for the chemical and petrochemical industries. In 1996, he purchased Draslovka from the banks and started the company's transformation. His vision convinced the employees and with the help of his family team, Draslovka began to thrive.

Board of Directors

Our values

We put safety first

We build strong relationships

We always do the right thing

We all act like business owners

We constantly reimagine what is possible

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