Draslovka values are the foundation of our corporate culture

Draslovka values are the foundation of our corporate culture

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  Social Responsibility

Draslovka's Social Responsibility initiatives is where our values drive our impact on society.  At Draslovka, we prioritize Health and Safety, ensuring the well-being of our employees and communities. This commitment extends to fostering Employee Engagement, valuing every voice and unique contribution. Inclusivity is woven into our Corporate Culture, where Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion thrive. Beyond our walls, we invest in our communities, fortifying bonds through Community Investment & Engagement. As we embrace innovation and collaboration, our Corporate Culture thrives. Upholding Human Rights principles is integral to our ethos, guiding our actions daily. 


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Group Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Non-Discrimination and Harassment Policy

Committee for HR Matters and Remuneration

The Committee for HR Matters and Remuneration (the Committee) assists the Board of Directors in human resources and remuneration matters and plays a vital role in shaping Draslovka's compensation philosophy, aligning compensation with performance outcomes and ESG principles. The Committee also oversees the fostering of an inclusive corporate culture and good governance practices.

The Committee seeks to ensure that Draslovka's employees are engaged and motivated, rewarded based on their performance and level, and that talent is supported. At the same time, the Committee promotes a diverse and inclusive work environment, where discrimination and harassment are not tolerated, and people feel respected.  The Committee is composed of Ms. Anita Orbán, Member of the Board of Directors and Committee Chairwoman, Ms. Chris de Waal, Group Head of Human Resources and Ms. Klára Kubáňová, Group Head of Compliance.

In line with its Terms of Reference, the Committee's areas of accountability include: 
•    Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
•    Succession Planning and Organizational Design
•    ESG and Communities' Involvement
•    Compensation and Reward
•    Performance Management
•    Risk Management
•    Market Benchmarking 
•    Employee Engagement
•    Reporting
•    Compliance


Committee for HR Matters and Remuneration – Terms of reference 


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