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News 07/05/2022
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Draslovka Acquires Intreso Group

July 4th , 2022

[Prague, Czech Republic] – Draslovka Holding a.s. (“Draslovka”), a Czech Republic-based, global, family-owned, leader in CN-based speciality chemicals, including next generation fumigants and biocides, has agreed to acquire Intreso Group, a leading platform and technology centre for specialised pest control treatment services with operations across Belgium, the Netherlands, and Slovenia.

Headquartered in the Port of Antwerp, the newly acquired operations will form part of Draslovka’s Agricultural Solutions business, enabling Draslovka to significantly expand its vertically integrated service offering in Europe. Led by Kade McConville, Director of Agricultural Solutions, the business combines proprietary environmentally sustainable treatment options with a clear emphasis on health, safety, and the environment.

The Intreso acquisition aligns with Draslovka’s wider business strategy to build value by transforming critical industry processes through innovation and application of proprietary environmentally sustainable chemicals. Intreso’s fumigation offering includes the use of sulfuryl fluoride. Currently, the approval for the continued use of sulfuryl fluoride in the European Union is due to expire at the end of 2023.


Pavel Brůžek, CEO of Draslovka, said:

“Intreso Group is a clear European market leader in mission critical pest control treatment services for the global trade and cargo market, and with this agreement we are excited to better service new and existing customers in Europe and beyond with our range of environmentally sustainable products and best-in-class customer support and services.”

Kade McConville, Director of Draslovka Agricultural Solutions commented:

“Intreso Group has a proven track record in exceptional customer service and effective phytosanitary and biosecurity treatment delivery. We see enormous potential in combining Intreso’s industry leading standards and phytosanitary treatment excellence in the European Union with Draslovka’s world-class chemistry and research and regulatory affairs capabilities – and expanding their current capabilities globally by merging this with our current Draslovka Services network

We look forward to working with Intreso’s current suppliers and other stakeholders throughout the integration period to ensure we maximise opportunities to plan for a transition to environmentally sustainable fumigation treatments.”





About Draslovka

Draslovka Holdings a.s. (Draslovka) is a global leader in cyanide-based chemical specialties and agricultural chemicals including next generation fumigants and biocides. A private holding company based in the Czech Republic, it is owned by four Czech families collaborating within a framework of bpd partners, a leading family office based in Prague. Draslovka has more than 100 years of experience in hydrogen cyanide (HCN) production and HCN chemistry and specializes in the production of fully synthetic and highly purified liquid HCN, which undergoes further processing for application in a variety of downstream products ranging from the mining through to agriculture sectors. Draslovka aims to be a leading global player in the production of cyanides for use in synthesis, mining, and industrial and agricultural applications.

About Draslovka Agricultural Solutions

Draslovka Agricultural Solutions is a core business unit of the Draslovka Group tasked with providing global trial support, application and product development consulting, as well as registration and business and commercialisation development support for suppliers, distributors, and customers. Draslovka Services and it’s affiliates form part of the vertically integrated field services entities under Agricultural Solutions which directly fill a gap in industry between the manufacturer and the end-user, enabling a direct link to ensure seamless custom application development and field trial support.


About Intreso Group

Intreso is a leading European player in pest control treatment services of cargo and goods. The group offers end-to-end specialist treatment solutions for goods owners, terminal operators, traders, freight forwarders and shipping lines ensuring that their sensitive goods such as tree logs, soft commodities and breakbulk are treated in accordance with the highest industry standards and with the appropriate phytosanitary requirements and certification. The group is headquartered in Antwerp and is active with a team of more than 100 specialists in all major seaports and inland ports or storage facilities in the Benelux, such as Antwerp, Zeebrugge, Rotterdam and Amsterdam.


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