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GlyCat™ – Leaching Precious and Base Metals

GlyCat™ is a revolutionary leaching process from Draslovka which combines glycine (a non-toxic, bio-degradable chemical), with sodium cyanide to leach precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum group metals (PGM's).

The GlyCat™ process can reduce cyanide consumption and increase recovery, while minimizing or eliminating the need for cyanide detoxification. This is because glycine selectively leaches certain base and precious metals with minimal dissolution of contaminants like arsenic and mercury.

GlyCat enables substantial ESG benefits and reductions in processing costs by replacing the majority of cyanide with a non-toxic, food-grade reagent:

  • Reduces sodium cyanide consumption by up to 90% depending on the ore type.
  • Enables an average reduction in processing costs of 10-25%.
  • Reduces or eliminates cyanide detoxification requirements.
  • Minimal dissolution of iron, mercury or arsenic.
  • Increases efficiency in the leaching process and improves recovery from some minerals such as tellurides.
  • Easily introduced to existing CIL/CIP circuits, as it is essentially a drop-in reagent.
  • Uses "off-the-shelf" processes for recovery.
  • Proprietary & patented technology available only from Draslovka.

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